Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Our Paths

I was taught the rights of life.
But you taught me what the wrongs are.
Your role is done now.
You showed me the Apple of Eden.
Let me leave before I taste it!
I had no right to teach you my rights.

At this juncture, at this junction of right and wrong,
I leave you.
Your role is done!


Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Things which you hear
Are not audible to me.
And the ones which I hear
Are imaginary to you.

That voice of yours
Is a noise to me.
And mine
Is always a yap for you.

I'm wrathful to the ones
who love me still!
And how??

Why do they love me?
And I feel envy
How can they pretend so well?
'Life's a drama' as one said.
'Life's a drama' as others act!

-Jo (Play)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The rain I saw from my birth,
And the pain i feel near my girth,
Both are my teachers.
Latter is rude.
Former was calm.
Former made me feel chill.
Latter made me to yell!

I wanted to get warm.
Rain taught me,
To imagine myself a unicorn.
Pain teased me,
With it's unique horn!

My old teacher has expired!
But I can't find her tomb.
I don't know when she gave up!
Hasn't anyone made her a tomb?


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Li'l Sis

When I slept in the womb,
He slept in the tomb.
When I gave pain to
The one bearing me,
He too gave to her,
For bearing him in her heart.

"Once upon a time...", I started,
Waiting for a story.
"You had a brother...", my dad uttered.
"...whom you've never seen!"

"I've seen him!", I said...
"I know that tale of woe.
His face reflects in your eyes,
His smile glitters on your tears."

-Jo (Li'l Sis)

Light Years

When I see a star, it's a star.
When you see,
It's a celestial body.
When I see, it's a burning mind.
And when you see,
It's a self burning mass.
Star, it's a dear friend of mine. . .
For you, it's a neighbor in the universe.

When it's near to my heart,
When I find its joy and tears,
You find its age, birth and death.
When I see it with hope,
You see it with a telescope.

Thus the difference between you and me
Is in light years!

-Jo (Light Years)


'You' inherritted my heart.
'You" inherritted my beloved ones.
'You' made me cry.
'You' cheated me.
'You' betrayed me.
'You' made me angry.
'You' made me mad.
All these 'you's are different
But i call them 'my fate'.

'You' made me laugh.
'You' heeled my wounds.
'You' brought me solace.
'You' made me happy.
'You' made me look pretty.
'You' made me feel great.
'You' loved me very much.
All these 'you's are different
But I call them 'my luck'.

'You' are 'my fate',
'You' are 'my luck'.
But I never see
'my fate' as 'my luck'!

-Jo (You)

Withering Principle

Leaves get withered,
The wings of these beautiful butterflies...
They too get withered.
All these light things, beautiful ones
Should wither!

So now I get it...
This is the fact that gnaws my spirit,
Lighter than all these...
And now I know it's beautiful!

-Jo(Withering Principle)